Goddess Of Starlight And Lies

Quotation "No one chooses evil because it's evil; they just mistake it for happiness."
First Appearance Unknown Soldier #192, 1975
Real Name Svetlana Kurylenko
Identity Public ID
Player NPC
Origin Altered
Archetype Cannon
Team Affiliation Solo
Base Of Operations San Fransisco, CA, USA
Range Of Operations Global


Age 32 Nationality Ukrainian
Height 180 cm (5' 11") Hair Blonde
Weight 59 kg (130 lbs) Eyes Blue
Gender Cis Female Sexuality Heterosexual

Svetlana is a tall, athletic blonde woman with blue-grey eyes, pale ivory skin, a charming smile, and an hourglass figure. Her powers grant her a minor amount of molecular manipulation, allowing her to shift the color, density, and molecular structure of her clothing. Her normal costume is a metallic blue and magenta unitard that conceals everything but her mouth and eyes. When not in costume, she's normally dressed in expensive, fashionable business attire. In costume or out, she is usually the center of attention.


Agility 5
Brawn 4
Endurance 5
Presence 5
Reason 4
Power Level 6
  • Normal Lift: 170 t (locomotive)
  • Max Lift: 550 t (747 passenger plane)
  • Throws (25 kg): 11 km
  • Max Range: 100 m
  • Max Area: 10 m radius


  • Athletics
  • Culture
  • Deception
  • Diplomacy
  • Hand-to-hand Combat
  • Manipulation (+)
  • Medicine
  • Ranged Combat
  • Science


  • Fascinating
  • Quick Change


Standard action, Ranged, Normal
Environmental Immunity
Constant, Self-only
Move action, Self-only
Force Field
Quick action, Self-only
Quick action, Self-only
Space Travel
Move action, Self-only
Move action, Self-only
Constant, Self-only


Base Move Double Move All-out Move
Run 40 m 80 m 240 m (140 km/h)
Swim 7 m 14 m 42 m (25 km/h)
Jump 5 m
Fly 40 km 80 km 240 km (140,000 km/h)


Svetlana has a sharp mind and a sharp tongue, but she is careful how she reveals these traits to those around her. To those she meets casually, she is all charm and smiles. People who get to know her better learn that she has a brilliant intellect and a biting sense of humour. Those few whom she calls "friend" gain a glimpse into her true nature: a woman for whom every day is a battle against her darker impulses.


The character has an adventurous spirit and rarely turns down a quest.
The character seeks freedom from the mistakes or tragedies of their past.


There are many who have not forgiven Avalon for her criminal past. Even those who have forgiven her have a hard time trusting her.


The Bad Seed

Svetlana Kurylenko was born in Kiev to poor but hard-working parents. Her father, Konstantin, was an artist who sold most of his paintings to tourists, and her mother, Olga, cleaned the homes of wealthy Ukrainian politicians. Svetlana's father died when she was eight years old. The loss of her father broke little Svetlana's heart, but she knew who was responsible: her parents. She blamed her parents for working so hard while the undeserving and corrupt wallowed in luxury. Even at that young age, Svetlana's razor-keen mind saw the injustice and corruption around her, and she thought her parents were fools to work so hard for so little: to literally work themselves to death. Svetlana swore she would never work a menial job just to survive.

As she became a teenager and began to blossom into a young woman, Svetlana honed her skills at deception and manipulation. By the time she was an adult, she had become a user and a predator, ruthlessly using her body and her mind to get what she wanted. She graduated from Odessa National University at the age of 22 with a masters degree, and she continued her education until she eventually held Ph.D.s in both anthropology and behavioural psychology. Svetlana saw her doctoral training as her path toward even better exploitation and manipulation of the weak and the stupid. She returned to Kiev and was hired by a prestigious political consulting firm.

Yet even then, she was frustrated. Her gender and her lack of political connections meant that she was routinely passed over for promotions, while dull-witted old men took what she had earned and congratulated themselves on their accomplishments. She always smiled, and she never complained at their inappropriate comments and "accidental" gropes, but her bitterness and anger grew. From time to time, she could take her revenge by orchestrating the downfall or imprisonment of one of her tormentors, but it was too little, and there was always another buffoon to take his place.

The Avalon Project

Everything changed when Svetlana was sent to Odessa National University by her superiors. During the excavation for a construction project, a previously unknown sub-basement was discovered beneath the university — a veritable warehouse full of Soviet-era machinery and research, untouched for who knew how many decades. Svetlana was sent to examine the discovery and catalogue the contents: a task none of her superiors had the intelligence or curiosity to attempt.

She soon realized that the materials she had been asked to study were the remains of a Soviet research project from the late 1930s: the project was called "Авалон" ("Avalon"), and headed by a Professor Genrikh Mavrikiyevich Ludvig. At its core was an assortment of extraterrestrial technology recovered from a crash site in Siberia. As she studied drawings, papers, and reports that she barely understood, Svetlana realized that Professor Luvig's project was nearly complete. All that remained was to activate the device.

Following Professor Luvig's instructions to the best of her ability, she managed to activate the vast, scattered machine. The room was filled with a blinding light, and Svetlana was overwhelmed by a sound like a bell. Suddenly, acres of terrestrial and extraterrestrial machinery shifted... elsewhere... but Svetlana knew that it was all around her, and within her. She did not learn the scientific term "neutrino" until later, but she knew that she had merged with the technology, and she sensed the power at her fingertips.

Svetlana used her newfound powers to destroy the documents she had been sent to catalogue, incinerating them and everything else that remained in the room with blasts of strange energy. She did not want anyone duplicating this experiment: the power of Avalon was hers alone, and she wanted it to stay that way.

With vast power at her disposal, the few limits on Svetlana's behaviour fell away. She flew to Kiev and caused incredible destruction, killing those who had dared to underestimate her and gravely injuring many more. For the next several years, she operated openly as a posthuman criminal, taking what she wanted, when she wanted, and daring anyone to stop her. From time to time, she would ally herself with others of a similar disposition, but those alliances never lasted long. Svetlana could never respect anyone less intelligent than she was, but anyone her equal or better soon tired of her manipulations and deceptions.

So it was that she was alone when the Justifiers tracked her down and defeated her. They could not take away her powers — not unless Svetlana voluntarily deactivated the alien machinery with which she had merged, and she refused to do that. However, Archimedes and Mongoose analyzed her abilities and devised a cell that blocked neutrinos from passing through it and reaching her. Deprived of the source of her powers, Svetlana was reduced to being merely human once again.

Uradel Zett And The Prodigals

Her imprisonment was short-lived. In a daring daylight attack, she was freed by a megalomaniac named Uradel Zett. Svetlana had heard of Zett, but had never worked with him: she had no interest in ruling the world, while Zett cared for nothing else.

Zett's prison break came with a price. Svetlana a team of other posthuman criminals recruited by Zett would pose as a new team of posthuman heroes. Svetlana would be known as "Isotope"; the other members of the team were similarly renamed.

Thus began Svetlana's "heroic period". To her surprise, she grew to like being a hero. She didn't genuinely care about other people any more than she ever had, but she had to admit that it was nice to appreciated. She even liked some of her teammates. This didn't keep her from attempting to manipulate and control them, of course.

She was partially successful. The rest of the Prodigals agreed with her that Zett's plan was madness, and when he finally attempted to put his plan for world conquest into motion, Svetlana led the Prodigals in revolt against him. Not only that: they managed to disable his failsafe, a doomsday weapon with which he intended to blackmail the world. She and the Prodigals literally saved the world. Unfortunately, their true identities were revealed in the process, and not everyone was pleased at the revelation. The Prodigals were branded wanted criminals, and they went into hiding.

However, to Svetlana's surprise, the Prodigals decided to keep being heroes. Some returned to their previous posthuman personas — Svetlana did, returning to her Avalon costume and identity. A few embraced their once-false heroic identities, seeing it as a way to put their past behind them. All of them agreed that they had never been as happy as when they had been working together and helping people. Even Svetlana. After a while, the posthuman archer Rama took the Prodigals under his wing, lending them an air of respectability. Over the course of a few years, the Prodigals rebuilt the public's trust.

But this was not to last. Svetlana craved control, and she could not resist her old habits. Over time, her deceptions and manipulations alienated Rama and her teammates. Eventually it was too much for them to bear, and they ejected her from the group.

At first, Svetlana's anger and bitterness returned in full force. She cursed her former teammates for fools, and cursed herself for wasting so much time with them. She didn't need them. She didn't need anyone.

But she did need her freedom, and without Rama's support, she had no one to intercede on her behalf with the authorities. What she did have was information. During her time with Uradel Zett, she had made copies of all of his private files, and among the grandiose plans for world domination and schematics for world-destroying weapons was a folder marked "Extortion".

She received a pardon, at the cost of agreeing to never use her powers again. It seemed a fair trade at the time.

An Offer She Couldn't Refuse

To her credit, Svetlana kept her part of the bargain. For three days.

Then she was approached by a man named Thompson Kilbourn. He offered her a chance to use her powers without fear of reprisal, if she would come to work for him. How could she refuse?

Once again, she was on a team not of her own choosing. She hoped, briefly, that it was a chance to regain what she had lost — no, what she had thrown away — with the Prodigals. It soon became obvious that it wasn't. They were little more than a hit squad, and Svetlana despised every single person she worked with: they were all killers, maniacs, and sadists, including Kilbourn himself. Kilbourn had recruited a team in his own image. Except for her. Right?


Invaders From Mars

Svetlana did not come to her epiphany overnight. It grew day by day as the months under Kilbourn's thumb went by. But it crystallized when she read a news report of powerful aliens appearing in Tokyo. According to witnesses, five aliens appeared in a globe of light. After a few moments of disorientation, the aliens attacked everything and everyone around them. Dozens of people were killed, many more would have died if not for the intervention of Shinkansen and the Super Secret Seven.

The aliens escaped before they could be captured, but according to scientists at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, the soil that the aliens brought with them when they appeared was from Mars.

They came all the way from Mars... and all they did was kill and destroy. Such a waste. She wondered what could motivate someone to go to so much effort for such a pointless goal. She pitied them, these invaders from Mars.

As Svetlana reflected on this, she looked back over her own life and the decisions she had made. She had lived her entire life craving control, using any means available to seize it, but what had her efforts gained her? Loss of her freedom. Loss of her friends. Loss of purpose.

Perhaps, if she tried, she could earn them back.

Powers and Abilities

Svetlana's powers are the result of her fusion with the neutrino-fueled stardrive of an alien probe which crashed in Siberia in 1908. She is able to project vast amounts of energy in the form of concentrated blasts of neutrinos, and she can use this either as an attack or to provide thrust for her flight. To protect herself from harm, she can form an energy screen around herself or shunt a portion of her own mass into neutrinos in order to become intangible. Her powers also grant her a minor amount of molecular manipulation, allowing her to shift the color, density, and molecular structure of her clothing. Finally, her physical structure is augmented and amplified, granting her strength and agility beyond that of even the finest human athlete.

In addition to her native Ukrainian, Svetlana is fluent in Russian, Crimean Turkish, Romanian, German, and American English.


Character Points Spent: 60
Unspent Experience: 0
Attributes 40 + Skills 10 + Gifts 2 + Powers 8 + Modifiers 0 = 60 / 60