FIST Responder EE

Quotation   ""
First Appearance  
Real Name  
Identity   Public ID
Player   NPC
Team Affiliation   FIST
Base Of Operations   [City Name]
Range Of Operations   National/Global with team
Origin   Natural
Archetype   Pawn


Age   Nationality  
Height   Hair  
Weight   Eyes  
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Brawn 3
Agility 3
Reason 2
Perception 2
Willpower 3
Prowess 3
Accuracy 4

Endurance: 6
Plot Points: 1

Character Points Spent: 23
Unspent Experience: 0


  • Team Player


  • Athletics
  • Combat
    • Firearms +3
    • Grappling +3
  • Survival


  • B&V XCR M45 Assault Rifle
    • Blast 3, +1 Accuracy (fires multiple rounds at target)
  • Nausea-inducing Pistol
    • Agility Drain 2, Ranged (radio frequencies)
  • Stun Baton
    • Strike 2, Stunning
  • M7A2 CS Gas Grenade
    • Blast 5 + Blindness 5, Exploding (poison)
  • Mk 141 Stun Grenade
    • Blast 5, Exploding, Stunning
  • M18 Smoke Grenade
    • Blindness 2, Exploding (lasts 10 rounds)
  • M84 "Flash-Bang" Grenade
    • Blindness 4 + Blindness (vs. hearing) 4, Exploding
  • Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV)
    • Invulnerability 3
  • Nightvision Goggles
  • Radio


  Base Move     Double Move     All-out Move  
Run   30 feet 60 feet 180 feet (20 mph)
Swim   6 feet 12 feet 36 feet (4 mph)
Jump   9 feet 9 feet 9 feet

Powers and Abilities

FIST Response Units are the grunt troops called in to capture and arrest suspected Super Talented individuals identified by FIST Investigators, as well as respond to terrorist attacks, riots, and other threats posed by groups such as MANTIS, the Pantheon, and other less organized individuals or groups. Individual Response Unit members are referred to as Responders. Their level of training is similar to a United States Army soldier, and their tactics rely more on numbers, taking advantage of the entire Response Unit functioning as a well-trained, united group. Unlike Investigators who learn the standard defensive tactics taught to police, FBI, and other law enforcement agencies, FIST Responders are trained in Modern Army Combatives (MAC) for hand-to-hand combat.

The standard issue weapons for a FIST Responder include the Brand & Vorsh XCR M45 assault rifle, and a variety of non-lethal options including stun batons, stun grenades, and smoke grenades. The XCR M45 uses standard 5.56mm ammo, has an optional scope, and can be used as both an assualt rifle and sniper rifle as required due to its barrel length. Each Responder is also equipped with a night vision scope built into their helmets. They wear a military grade Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV) with reinforced ceramic plates that provide damage protection when under heavy fire.


Attributes 20 + Skills 2 + Advantages 1 + Powers 0 = 23 / 23