Gunner EE

World's First Bionic Cybernetic Soldier

Quotation   "Okay team, let's rock-n-roll! "
First Appearance   Wolfpack #1, 2013
Real Name   Gunnery Sergeant Daniel Knox
Identity   Secret ID
Player   NPC
Team Affiliation   Wolfpack
Base Of Operations   [City Name]
Range Of Operations   National/Global with team
Origin   Engineered
Archetype   Sword


Age   ?? Nationality   ??
Height   ?? Hair   ??
Weight   ?? Eyes   ??
Gender   Cis Male Sexuality   Heterosexual


Brawn 4
Agility 4
Reason 2
Perception 2
Willpower 2
Prowess 4
Accuracy 5

Endurance: 6
Plot Points: 1

Character Points Spent: 53
Unspent Experience: 0


  • Connected
  • Team Player


  • Combat
    • Firearms +3
    • Grappling +3
  • Culture
    • Military +3
  • Investigation
  • Social
  • Stealth
  • Survival


Invulnerability 2
Carbon Sub-Dermal Skin Weave
Super-running 2
Bionic Legs
Super Senses 3
Telescopic Bionic Left Eye (ESP, Infrared Vision, Ultraviolet Vision)
N-Tec Transforming Gun Arm [Ultra-power] 6

N-Tec Transforming Gun Arm

Blast 5
Grenade Launcher, Explosive Damage (+1)
Blast 5
Machine Gun, Explosive Damage (+1)
Blast 4
Sniper Rifle, Increased Range (+1), Penetrating (+1)
Strike 2
Melee Knife Attachment


  • Binoculars
  • Cell Phone
  • Flashlight
  • Multi-tool
  • Radio


  Base Move     Double Move     All-out Move  
Run   100 feet 200 feet 600 feet (70 mph)
Swim   8 feet 16 feet 48 feet (5 mph)
Jump   12 feet 12 feet 12 feet


Beneath the battle-hardened leatherneck image, Gunner is an honorable man who has been mentally traumatized by his physical injuries. He has become disillusioned with both military life and the political stage, but as a professional soldier finds himself unable to refuse orders or question his government’s motives. As the leader of the Wolfpack, Gunner is tough but fair. He is deeply protective of his team even though he knows some of them would have no hesitation in killing him if it meant their freedom. Gunner suffers from intense flashbacks and searing headaches that are only kept in check by FIST medical teams. Although SCOPE has led him to believe these are side effects of the extensive nanotechnology present in his body, he has had suspicions ever since first meeting Hammer and seeing the control collar he was being forced to wear that maybe they are deliberately causing his attacks and using them to control his loyalty too. He never liked the way the drugs made him feel less in control anyway, so he has become more lax in going to FIST for regular treatment.


  • Honor: The character believes that their worth is tied to their adherence to a code of conduct.
  • Responsibility: The character is burdened by the responsibility of their powers.


  • Psychologically Impaired: Traumatized by physical injuries


Gunner was leading a routine patrol mission in the shattered city of Al-Fallujah when his unit was attacked by heavily-armed Iraqi rebel insurgents. Gunner set himself up as a decoy to draw enemy fire and ordered his men to circle around the insurgents' position while they were distracted and overtake them from behind. The Marines were able to sneak up behind the enemy but not before a large explosion went off near Gunner's position. As the smoke cleared, Gunner could see from his one remaining eye that he had been badly injured, his arms and legs missing and his skin severely burned. The last thing he heard before everything went dark was the sound of a medical chopper coming in for a landing.

When Gunner woke up, he found himself in a strange hospital hooked up to machines and surrounded by surgically masked medical personnel. As he came to his senses, Gunner was shocked to see that his body had been radically transformed, his missing eye and limbs replaced with state-of-the-art cybernetic attachments more powerful than anything God had intended for Man. The military and SCOPE surgeons and scientists explained they had also injected him with advanced nanotechnology and replaced a damaged portion of his brain with a sophisticated computer. Gunner was horrified at what he had become, an unnatural freak like the Super Talents he so despised, but his superiors insisted their new bionic cybernetic soldier still had a duty to his country. After many months of recovery and training along with adjustment therapy, Gunner was put back on active duty.

Powers and Abilities

When Gunner was severely injured during the Occupation of Iraq on a combat mission in Al-Fallujah, a joint team of U.S. Military and SCOPE surgeons and technicians jumped at the chance to rebuild him using cybernetic implants incorporating nanotechnology “acquired” from the N-Tec Corporation. The end result was the world's first bionic cybernetic soldier. His missing left hand was replaced with a high impact, fully tactical gauntlet connected to a reinforced elbow and shoulder joint, giving him upper body strength far greater than most men. A nanotech-based transforming gun arm originally designed by N-Tec and enhanced by SCOPE was also attached to replace his missing right arm. This device is capable of transforming into a machine gun, sniper rifle, grenade launcher, or melee blade, and also has a stealth-mode that looks like a standard prosthetic arm. Additionally, this implanted nanotechnology also produces a sub-dermal weave of carbon fibers beneath his skin that provides additional protection from physical damage. Finally, he was given two bionic legs to replace his missing lower extremities, and these provide Gunner with increased lower body strength and the ability to run at speeds up to 50 miles per hour.

The severe trauma to the left side of Gunner's head presented an even greater challenge. To replace his missing left eye, he was given a high tech bionic optical device that provides telescopic, infrared (IR), and night vision capabilities. Replacing the damaged portion of the left half of his brain was the most intricate and controversial procedure, however. Gunner was fitted with the latest BATCOM (battle computer) technology which enables him to react in combat situations by identifying threats and relaying battle tactic instructions, as well as giving him advanced targeting skills, enhanced hand-to-hand combat ability, and mission information access. The BATCOM is wired directly into his bionic eye.


Attributes 23 + Skills 3 + Advantages 2 + Powers 25 = 53 / 53