Koan The Unknowable

Guardian Of Terminus

Koan The Unknowable
Quotation "Never compromise. Not even in the shadow of the apocalypse."
First Appearance Unknowable #1, 2012
Real Name Unknown
Identity Secret ID
Player NPC
Origin Zenith
Archetype Sword
Team Affiliation Terminus
Base Of Operations Atlanta, GA, USA
Range Of Operations Local


Age Unknown Nationality American
Height 169 cm (5' 6") Hair Unknown
Weight 66 kg (145 lbs) Eyes Unknown
Gender Cis Male Sexuality Asexual

The self-appointed guardian of Terminus, Koan "The Unknowable" is a two-fisted vigilante who wears a black suit with white pinstripes, white tie and fedora with a black band, white gloves and shoes, and a long coat. His head is entirely obscured by a white mask boldly imprinted with a maze.


Agility 4
Brawn 3
Endurance 5
Presence 6
Reason 3
Power Level 2
  • Normal Lift: 120 kg (heavy adult)
  • Max Lift: 260 kg (large brown bear)
  • Throws (25 kg): 5 m
  • Max Range: 10 m
  • Max Area: 1 m radius


  • Athletics
  • Deception
  • Finesse
  • Hand-to-hand Combat (+)
  • Investigation
  • Manipulation
  • Perception
  • Ranged Combat
  • Stealth


  • Lightning Strike
  • Tenacious
  • Unsettling
  • Utility Belt


Standard action, Ranged, Normal
Improvised flamethrower
Damage Resistance
Constant, Self-only
Rolls with the punches
Danger Sense
Free action, Self-only
Raises paranoia to an art form
Move action, Self-only
Swinging; Grappling gun
Mental Resistance
Constant, Self-only
Standard action, Hand-to-hand, Normal
Self-trained martial arts
Constant, Self-only


Light Ballistic Vest (PL 1)
Knife (PL 1)
Crowbar (PL 2)
Nausea-inducing Pistol
Agility Drain Ray (PL 5)
Pepper Spray (PL 1)
sensory, stunning
Taser (PL 2)
Binoculars, Pocket Size (PL 1)
Flashlight (PL 1)
Lockpick Gun (PL 2)


Base Move Double Move All-out Move
Run 13 m 26 m 78 m (47 km/h)
Swim 4 m 8 m 24 m (14 km/h)
Jump 2 m
Fly 13 m 26 m 78 m (47 km/h)


Koan protects the "good people" of Terminus from those who seek to take advantage and exploit them. Unfortunately, almost no one is good enough for Koan, who sees everything as black and white. For Koan, there is no moral gray; there is only right and wrong. He never compromises on anything. A person who lies, cheats, or performs violence on another is guilty for the rest of his life. For when a man chooses to do evil, why should he ever be forgiven? Needless to say, Koan does not consider the many, often brutal, punishments he hands down to be unjust, let alone evil.

Most of the residents of Terminus fear Koan, and he in turn considers almost everyone in Terminus to be either a helpless victim or morally bankrupt. Nevertheless, he patrols the town nightly, investigating traditional crimes such as kidnapping and murder and saving citizens from immediate peril. Periodically he communicates with the mayor by breaking into her home without invitation.


The character believes that the rights of the individual hold the highest moral value.
The character seeks to ensure that misdeeds are met with appropriate punishment.


Koan's background is unknown; it is widely assumed that he was a resident of Atlanta who went mad after the death of friends and family, but in fact he was living in New York before he came to Terminus to participate in its Objectivist experiment. He left his name and identity behind upon entering the ruins and now answers only to Koan.

Powers and Abilities

Although born merely human, Koan's obsession and dedication to his cause has driven him to push his body to superhuman levels. When not on patrol, his every waking moment is spent on training. His combat style is a result of what he has seen in movies and read in books: he is entirely self-taught. He also carries several crime-fighting devices of his own design, such as a handheld flamethrower made from an aerosol can of starter fluid.


Character Points Spent: 50
Unspent Experience: 0
Attributes 29 + Skills 10 + Gifts 4 + Powers 7 + Modifiers 0 = 50 / 50