Punchbag EE

Immortal Joker in the Deck

Quotation   "Hey, you just messed up my $300 haircut!"
First Appearance   Wolfpack #1, 2013
Real Name   Alex Fairfax
Identity   Secret ID
Player   NPC
Team Affiliation   Wolfpack
Base Of Operations   [City Name]
Range Of Operations   National/Global with team
Origin   Altered
Archetype   Tank


Age   ?? Nationality   ??
Height   ?? Hair   ??
Weight   ?? Eyes   ??
Gender   Cis Male Sexuality   Heterosexual


Brawn 3
Agility 4
Reason 2
Perception 3
Willpower 2
Prowess 4
Accuracy 4

Endurance: 5
Plot Points: 1

Character Points Spent: 40
Unspent Experience: 0


  • Team Player


  • Athletics
  • Combat
  • Culture
    • Aristocracy +3
  • Deception
  • Manipulation
  • Piloting
    • Automobiles +3
  • Social
  • Stealth


Absorption 5
Boost (Blast), Absorb Any Attack (+1), Delayed Depletion (+1)
Blast 1
Concussive blast
Immortality 7


  • Sports Car
    • Invulnerability 1, Endurance 1, top speed 160 mph
  • Cell Phone


  Base Move     Double Move     All-out Move  
Run   40 feet 80 feet 240 feet (27 mph)
Swim   8 feet 16 feet 48 feet (5 mph)
Jump   9 feet 9 feet 9 feet


Punchbag is the joker of the team, not taking anything too seriously and content to act like a 20 year old forever, even if he is almost 60. He is easy-going, funny, loves women and living the good life. He especially likes wearing nice clothes, and when he gets blown to bits or shot through the chest, he tends to be more upset about his ruined expensive shirt than the actual injury to himself. His father once told him that every man has his one addiction. For Punchbag, this has been gambling, especially high stakes card games, and he has found himself in some hairy situations over the years because of it. He is also a bit of risk taker with his own life, knowing the deck is stacked in his favor thanks to his amazing Super Talents, and can be a bit of a show-off. Although Punchbag has come to terms with his remarkable abilities, it is his apparent immortality that weighs heaviest on his mind. While he can deal with the fact that he will always be on the run from those that would stop at nothing for the chance to study and dissect him to learn how he ticks, it is the thought of seeing all those he loves around him getting sick and old and eventually dying while he has to go on living that troubles him the most.


  • Audacity: The character is an adrenaline junkie driven by a desire to experience thrills and risk.
  • Enthusiasm: The character is reckless and enthusiastic, and may be young and naive.


In 1993, Alex found himself in the war-torn former Soviet puppet state of Yugoslavia playing in a high-stakes poker game with wealthy Serbian and Russian mobsters who decided the young American’s incredible winning streak couldn’t possibly be attributed to mere luck. They soon came to realize after several ineffective beatings that Alex possessed an even greater talent, so they locked him up in the jail of a small town outside of Sarajevo until they decided what to do with him. One night, Bosnian Serb rebels brought in a young American Marine they had taken prisoner who was working with the Muslim Bosniaks and were planning to interrogate and execute. Feeling sympathy for his fellow countryman, Alex decided to help him escape from captivity and return to his battalion. The two men worked together to break out of the prison, and in the process Alex was shot up badly attempting to shield the young Marine from machine gun fire.

Thinking his savior had been killed and their escape attempt foiled, the Marine was shocked to see Alex jump back up unharmed and take out their pursuers with a powerful concussive blast. The two Americans were able to escape to safety through the woods, and the impressed young man introduced himself to Alex as Corporal Daniel Knox. As the two men traveled on foot together, their shared experience bonded them in friendship. Impressed with the young man’s sense of honor and loyalty, Alex told Knox everything about himself, which provided him with a great sense of relief. Knox laughed and told Alex he was kind of like a punchbag – no matter how many times you hit him, he always got back up, and the nickname stuck. When they finally parted ways, Knox vowed to never reveal his new friend’s secret to anyone, promising to repay Punchbag one day for saving his life. Deciding to once again trust someone after years of keeping everyone he met at arms length, Alex agreed to stay in touch with Daniel.

Many years later, Alex found himself once again in trouble with the Russian mob, this time over some hefty unpaid gambling debts. The Russian boss knew about Alex's remarkable abilities and that there were certain nefarious parties who would be interested in studying him more closely, so he decided to collect on the money he was owed by selling the immortal to the highest bidder. Punchbag reached out for help to his old friend Daniel Knox, now a gunnery sergeant working on a special project for FIST. The Russian mob abducted Punchbag in New York City and held him prisoner in an abandoned warehouse in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. Knox staged a daring rescue with the help of a young African American computer wiz named Mojo and a team of FIST Heavy Hitters. After successfully extracting Punchbag from the warehouse, Knox offered him the opportunity to join a new FIST covert operations team he was forming, and in exchange he would receive full amnesty from the government for his past CTRA violations. Additionally, he gave his old friend assurances that he would be protected at all times from those who were looking to capture him for study including FIST's own SCOPE scientists. Trusting Daniel Knox more than anyone else and seeing a way to finally have a more stable (if not normal) life, Punchbag agreed to join the Wolfpack.

Powers and Abilities

Punchbag possesses the remarkable power to regenerate and fully recover from any injury, disease, or illness no matter how severe, including the ability to regrow severed limbs much like a salamander or newt, given enough time to heal. He is essentially immortal, and theoretically he could even survive decapitation (although that's one theory Punchbag isn't very eager to put to the test!) Every cell in his body essentially has the ability to revert back to a stem cell and differentiate into whatever type of tissue he needs to replace. If his heart were to be ripped out, his cells would become like single celled organisms and supply their own oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide until his heart regenerated and his circulatory system was functioning normally again. Each cell also possesses all the necessary information to rebuild Punchbag, even retaining his muscle memory, mental memories, and other stored knowledge. While the exact mechanism of how this all works is uncertain, it is clear that regeneration will only happen in the presence of oxygen. If Punchbag were to be trapped in a vacuum or blown out an airlock of the International Space Station, he would not die but fall into stasis, unable to heal or regenerate until returned to the presence of oxygen.

Additionally, Punchbag has the ability to absorb any attack against him and then convert it into a concussive blast which he can then direct back at his attackers. The Wildstrain mutation virus has also stopped the aging process within him, and Punchbag still looks like he is only 20 years old even though he is actually almost 60. Needless to say, there are many groups and individuals who covet his remarkable abilities, and Punchbag has resigned himself to an eternity of trying to avoid becoming a lab rat.


Attributes 22 + Skills 2 + Advantages 1 + Powers 15 = 40 / 40