Red Dragon

The Living Weapon

Red Dragon
Quotation "Try again. Fail again. Fail better."
First Appearance Red Dragon The Living Weapon #1 (1975)
Real Name William Thomson
Identity Secret ID
Player Rob Edwards
Origin Altered
Archetype Sword
Team Affiliation Solo
Base Of Operations Portland, OR, USA
Range Of Operations Local


Age 37 Nationality Irish
Height 190 cm (6' 3") Hair Red
Weight 105 kg (232 lbs) Eyes Green
Gender Cis Male Sexuality Heterosexual

William Thomson is a tall Irish man in his late 30s, with light ruddy skin, messy copper-coloured hair and beard, and green eyes. When not dressed as Red Dragon, he usually dresses in "business casual" attire: grey slacks, an untucked short-sleeve dress shirt, and suede chukkas. As Red Dragon, he wears black metallic tactical gear with a dark red refractive sheen to it.


Agility 5
Brawn 3
Endurance 5
Presence 4
Reason 2
Power Level 5
  • Normal Lift: 120 kg (heavy adult)
  • Max Lift: 260 kg (large brown bear)
  • Throws (25 kg): 5 m
  • Max Range: 100 m
  • Max Area: 10 m radius


  • Athletics
  • Computing
  • Diplomacy
  • Engineering
  • Finesse
  • Hand-to-hand Combat
  • Perception
  • Ranged Combat
  • Science
  • Stealth
  • Survival


  • Blindfighting
  • Elusive
  • Lightning Strike


Standard action, Ranged, Normal
Force Field
Quick action, Self-only
Standard action, Hand-to-hand, Normal
Area Strike
Standard action, Hand-to-hand, Area, Normal
"Stunning" damage
Move action, Self-only


Heavy Ballistic Armor (PL 3)
Armored costume; not concealable
Cell Phone (PL 1)
Commlink (PL 1)


Base Move Double Move All-out Move
Run 40 m 80 m 240 m (140 km/h)
Swim 7 m 14 m 42 m (25 km/h)
Jump 350 m


William is thoughtful and intelligent, and rarely speaks in haste. He endeavors to follow the Eightfold Path, not only for his own well-being, but for the protection of those around him. William is neither ascetic nor celibate, but he is quite deliberate in how he engages in earthly pleasures, to ensure that he does not become a source of suffering to others.


The character wants to protect others and alleviate their suffering, particularly the innocent and the helpless.
The character seeks to ensure that misdeeds are met with appropriate punishment.


Doctor William Thomson was a respected Irish physicist working in Nevada under a United States government contract. His team's goal: to harness zero-point energy. Each time they appeared to close in on the secret to mastering this potentially unlimited energy source, their technique would cease to work. It was as if the zero-point energy itself was resisting their attempts to control it.

During an experiment, something went terribly wrong, and Doctor Thomson was bathed in zero-point radiation. There appeared to be no immediate side effects from this exposure. However, Doctor Thomson quickly learned that when he grew angry or outraged, the zero-point radiation would erupt from his body, causing uncontrolled destruction. After badly injuring a colleague, Doctor Thomson decided that he could not be around other people safely until he had found a way to control this energy.

It did not take him long to conclude that technology would not be the answer: for reasons he did not understand, the energy not only responded to his mental state, but seemed to push him toward strong emotions, precipitating its release. Therefore, he must find a way to control his own mind, if he was to harness this energy within him. His quest led him to psychiatrists and neurologists first, but to no avail. He traveled through North America, and then the world, trying to find a way to master his fluctuating emotions.

He was consulting with a yogi in Sikkim, India, when he learned of the monastery at Beyul Demoshong. There, he was told, he might find the inner peace he sought. William climbed Kangchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world, where the yogi had told him this monastery could be found. He survived bitterly cold winds and storms, but he refused to give up, even after his food had run out and most of his supplies had been swept away by an avalanche. On a piercingly bright day in September, suffering from frostbite and dehydration, William Thomson accepted defeat. In his final moments, looking out at the world spread below him, William was grateful that he had seen such beauty, and that no one else would be endangered by the uncontrollable energy within him.

William awoke in a small room, with a wide archway leading to a garden. According to the young man seated nearby, William had been found by Dzö-nga, the abbot of the monastery, and brought back to Beyul Demoshong to mend. That had been nearly two weeks ago. Only now, according to the young acolyte, had William recovered enough to be allowed to awaken. To William's surprise, his frostbitten extremities were completely healed.

The next day, William was permitted to meet with the abbot and explain the purpose for his visit. The abbot said that he would consider allowing William to stay and study at the monastery, but first he wished to see a demonstration of this dangerous energy. Without warning, the abbot struck William in the chest with a closed fist. The response was immediate and devastating: every tree and flower in the garden around them was shredded, and a nearby waist-high shrine was blown into rubble.

The abbot, apparently untouched by the explosion, nodded. William would be allowed to stay. They gave him a new name, Rato Dryagana, or "Red Dragon", due to his height and his bright red hair. It took William eight years before he had mastered his own emotions, and thus, the strange energies he carried within. It took another two before the abbot came to him and told him that it was time for him to rejoin the world. The monastery did not need the Red Dragon, and the Red Dragon no longer needed the monastery. William did not protest: he knew it would be selfish of him to stay where he was not needed.

Powers and Abilities

Red Dragon's agility and stamina surpass those of even the most skilled Olympic athletes. He is a potent hand to hand combatant and a brilliant scientist. He is able to harness the zero-point energy stored in his body to generate devastating effects, including pinpoint strikes, concussive explosions, and powerful blasts of energy. He can also use the zero-point energy to create a protective force field around himself, and to launch himself through the air in prodigious leaps. William is fluent in Gaelic, Latin, British and American English, Hindi, and Nepali.


Character Points Spent: 50
Unspent Experience: 0
Attributes 31 + Skills 11 + Gifts 3 + Powers 5 + Modifiers 0 = 50 / 50