Shadow Watch (comic)

Shadow Watch is an American comic book published monthly by Kalos Comics. Shadow Watch was originally a limited series published in 1986 and 1987, and collected as a graphic novel in 1987. The popularity of the limited series led to Kalos publishing a monthly series of the same name starting in late 1987.

Shadow Watch chronicles the exploits of a group of posthumans based in Chicago, Illinois. Despite the title of the series being "Shadow Watch", the phrase is not mentioned in the book until issue #16, when one of the group's members, Widow, suggests that it might be a fitting name for the team. However, the other characters get sidetracked and do not respond to her suggestion.

Issue #3, November 1986

First appearance of the costumed crime-fighter Widow.

Issue #13, October 1987

First issue of ongoing monthly series.