Black Steel

The Hidden Blade

Black Steel
Quotation "The fruits of your corruption have come to take their due."
First Appearance Black Steel #1, 2014
Real Name Tommy Lee
Identity Secret ID
Player NPC
Origin Gifted
Archetype Sword
Team Affiliation Solo
Base Of Operations San Francisco, CA, USA
Range Of Operations Global


Age 26 Nationality Korean-American
Height 183 cm (6' 0") Hair Black
Weight 84 kg (187 lbs) Eyes Green
Gender Cis Male Sexuality Heterosexual

Tommy is bi-racial: half Korean and half African-American, with striking facial features. His sculpted profile gives him model-like looks, but his features are rounded enough to make him inviting rather than intimidating, although his physicality and green eyes are arresting. He is always impeccably dressed when not dressed as his alter ego. When going out as Black Steel, he wears a black gi paired with a deep hood and a domino mask.


Agility 5
Brawn 3
Endurance 4
Presence 3
Reason 3
Power Level 5
Plot Points: 1
Character Points Spent: 50
Unspent Experience: 0


  • Athletics
  • Close Combat
  • Culture
  • Diplomacy
  • Investigation (+)
  • Manipulation
  • Perception
  • Ranged Combat (+)
  • Stealth
  • Survival


  • Connected
  • Fascinating
  • Linguist
  • Master Plan
  • Wealthy


Reaction; Kinetic Control
Standard action; Kinetic Impartation
Detect Assassin's Mark
Standard action
Force Field
Quick action; Kinetic Control
Move action


Knife (PL 1)
Flash Grenade (PL 7)
exploding, sensory, stunning, single use
Smoke Grenade
Darkness (PL 5), exploding, single use (lasts 10 rounds)


Base Move Double Move All-out Move
Run 40 m 80 m 240 m (140 km/h)
Swim 7 m 14 m 42 m (25 km/h)
Jump 2 m
Teleport 40 m 80 m 140 km


Tommy is a modern day sophist, and he loves rhetoric, philosophy, and debate. His nature is to be quite laid back and zen-like under most circumstances. However, when the weight of his family's misdeeds lay upon him, he is driven to make recompense, and all grace leaves his tongue. He becomes pragmatic and stoic, enabling him to make the hard choices that give his life meaning. If there is no place for him in the light, he will embrace the darkness to remove those that justice cannot reach.


The character seeks to ensure that misdeeds are met with appropriate punishment.
The character seeks freedom from the mistakes or tragedies of their past.


Tommy is a loner, accepted neither by the law nor by the criminal underworld on which he preys.


Tommy's mother was a US Diplomat stationed in South Korea, and his father was... complicated. The assassin Shindo infiltrated the party only to get a lay of the land and information, not for a liason with a diplomat. But that interlude resulted in a son. His mother, ever pragmatic, did not tell Tommy who his father was. One of his enemies did, after killing her. It was then that Tommy's powers manifested, enabling him to escape. From then on, he lived life on the run, with one goal other than survival -- not to end up like his father.

But his powers were more fit to follow his sire than rebel against him -- tailor made for an assassin. Heroes didn't accept him, and villains... well, his father had made enemies on both sides of the law. So Tommy found another use for his abilities: to bring to justice those villains that the system couldn't touch, and do what the other heroes couldn't... or wouldn't.

Powers and Abilities

With his strength, speed, and skills, Tommy would be a deadly foe even without his powers. His ability to teleport, control kinetic energy, and “mark” targets makes him an implacable hunter, able to reach targets where they think they are safest. Tommy's “Assassin's Mark” is a quasi-psychic “tag” that he can place on a single person or object by touching them, and then find later (with a successful Perception roll). His Assassin's Mark does not last forever, of course: it fades over the course of a few days.

Tommy's usual tactics are to gather his own evidence to come to a judgment on the target, scout them out and discover their weaknesses, use his connections to get close enough to “mark” them, and then kill them when they least expect it.


Attributes 28 + Skills 12 + Gifts 5 + Powers 5 = 50 / 50