Blade of the Jade Moon Society

Quotation "Your death serves a greater purpose than your life ever could."
First Appearance Red Dragon The Living Weapon #5 (1975)
Real Name Yu Mei-feng
Identity Public ID
Player NPC
Origin Gifted
Archetype Sword
Team Affiliation Jade Moon Society
Base Of Operations Korea
Range Of Operations Global


Age 26 Nationality Chinese
Height 142 cm (4' 8") Hair Black
Weight 36 kg (79 lbs) Eyes Brown
Gender Trans Female Sexuality Asexual

Mei-feng is a very short Chinese woman with brown eyes, long black hair, and pale golden skin. As Dragonfly, she wears stylized Qin dynasty lamellar armor in jade green, with an inlaid stylized dragonfly motif. A set of ghostly dragonfly wings sprout from her back when she needs to fly or teleport. She can manifest a jian, guandao, or chain dart on command as her weapons of choice, but she is capable of using just about any weapon she finds.


Agility 5
Brawn 2
Endurance 4
Presence 5
Reason 2
Power Level 7
  • Normal Lift: 55 kg (pony keg of beer)
  • Max Lift: 120 kg (heavy adult)
  • Throws (25 kg): 2 m
  • Max Range: 1 km
  • Max Area: 100 m radius


  • Athletics
  • Finesse
  • Hand-to-hand Combat (+)
  • Mental Combat
  • Perception
  • Ranged Combat (+)
  • Stealth


  • Blindfighting
  • Connected
  • Elusive
  • Lightning Strike
  • Linguist
  • Quick Change (spell)
  • Sharpshooter


Standard action, Ranged, Normal
Kaiyuan bow, thrown daggers, etc.
Free action, Self-only
Can run up walls and across water
Damage Resistance
Constant, Self-only
Adept at avoiding attacks
Danger Sense
Free action, Self-only
Preternatural awareness
Move action, Self-only
Dragonfly wings (only visible when in use)
Standard action, Hand-to-hand, Normal
Jian sword, guandao polearm, etc.
Move action, Self-only
Dragonfly wings (only visible when in use)
Varies, Self-only

Ultra-power: Taoist Sorcery

Standard action, Ranged, Alteration
Burning Eyes spell
Standard action, Ranged, Area, Environmental
False Vision spell
Quick action, Self-only
Walk Unseen spell
Mind Hold
Standard action, Ranged, Mental
Curse Of Indecision spell
Standard action, Ranged, Special
Ghost Hand spell


Stylized Qin dynasty lamellar armor (PL 3)
not concealable


Base Move Double Move All-out Move
Run 40 m 80 m 240 m (140 km/h)
Swim 7 m 14 m 42 m (25 km/h)
Jump 1 m
Fly 40 m 80 m 240 m (140 km/h)
Teleport 40 m 80 m 140 km


Mei-feng is cold and cruel with no regard for anyone other than her superiors in the Jade Moon Society (and even then, only because they report to Master Sin, whom she reveres). She tolerates interacting with normal people as a necessary evil. She has no qualms about killing innocents or sacrificing her colleagues if it means she gets closer to completing her current mission. She spends the vast majority of her time furthering the ends of the Jade Moon Society. When she is not on an official mission, she entertains herself by reviewing records of people known for polluting inland waterways, finding them, and torturing them.


The character seeks to personify the ideal of something, whether a culture, nationality, social class, or profession.
The character exults in causing death and destruction, particularly when the target is guilty or despicable.


Dragonfly's desire to hurt others is just barely kept in check by her reverence for Master Sin.
Dragonfly's loyalty to Master Sin borders on religious fervor.


Mei-feng was born as a boy to a local Communist party official and his wife in Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province, China. Her parents were initially thrilled with their son, despite the baby's stunted size. Her parents were not proud for long. Their child was small and stubbornly feminine, despite every attempt by her parents and grandparents to make the child look and behave like a boy. Even worse, she was pointlessly cruel. She would bite for no reason, and she took pleasure in tormenting the family cat. Eventually, their disappointment turned to abuse (reflecting a tradition of "dama jiaoyu," or hitting-and-cursing education). Her cruelty became even worse, and at the age of nine, she stabbed her grandfather with a knife.

With little fanfare, a few days before her tenth birthday, Mei-feng's parents took her to an orphanage and left her there. She was welcomed by the children of the orphanage, most of whom were female. She began calling herself Yu Mei-feng, and dressed as the other girls did. Yet despite the nurturing environment, her bitterness and anger only increased as she grew older. She bullied the other children, and even those much larger than she was were afraid of her.

The matrons of the orphanage taught little Mei-feng martial arts as a way to help her channel her rage. She excelled, and became a competent and physically fit combatant. When she was in her teens, she drew the attention of the Jade Moon Society. They welcomed her into the society and trained her in lost martial arts. At Mei-feng's request, Master Sin used alchemy to allow her to transition physically into the young woman she had always known herself to be.

It was during this time that Yu Mei-feng began to exhibit strange powers. Objects, typically weapons, would appear in her hands when she was angry -- which was often. When under stress, she would vanish from one place and appear in another place. People who opposed her would suffer spontaneous blindness. Having seen such phenomena before, Master Sin arranged for her to be tutored by a taoist sorcerer, in an effort control and contain this power. As with all of her other lessons, she was an attentive student, and quickly mastered this new skill.

With the combination of her martial arts skills and her taoist sorcery, Yu Mei-feng became one of the Jade Moon Society's most dangerous agents. They named her Dragonfly, and now the name is synonymous with merciless, ruthless precision.

Powers and Abilities

Mei-feng is gifted with extraordinary speed, strength, and toughness. She is difficult to hit directly due to her small size and maneuverability. She is one of the world's foremost martial arts practitioners, capable of performing a wide variety of martial maneuvers and able to use a variety of weapons. She can teleport short distances, and she can fly. She has the innate ability to manipulate life energy, which she consciously harnesses as a form of taoist sorcery. She has a number of magic "spells" that she can cast, though she can only prepare a few at a time, and preparing herself to cast them requires study and meditation. However, she always memorizes a spell to change from street clothes to her Dragonfly armor and back. Mei-feng is fluent in literally dozens of languages, and can easily master ones which are new to her.


Character Points Spent: 60
Unspent Experience: 0
Attributes 35 + Skills 9 + Gifts 7 + Powers 8 + Modifiers 1 = 60 / 60