Avian-themed avenger of the night

First Appearance   Vanguard: Requiem #1, 2008
Identity   Secret Identity
Real Name   Katherine Robichaux


Gender   Female Age   27
Height   5' 8" Hair   Black
Weight   199 lbs Eyes   Green


Orphaned at the age of 6 when her parents died in a plane crash, Katherine was adopted by her Uncle Leo in 1990. Leonard DuBois, a billionaire industrialist who in the late 1960s and early 1970s was Splendid Lad, sidekick to the late superhero Captain Amazing, soon noticed that his niece had inherited incredible physical gifts similar to his own. Uncle Leo began training Katherine as a way for them to bond, and as a way for her to cope with the loss of her parents. Eventually Katherine's personal sense of justice, especially on behalf of the poor and helpless, led her to a dual life as both a wealthy socialite and a masked vigilante who targets street gangs, drug dealers, and the mafia.