Stone-fleshed scientist whose heart burns for revenge

Quotation "You should not have interfered."
First Appearance Mongoose #121, 1959
Real Name Bernard Vulcan
Identity Public ID
Player NPC
Origin Altered
Archetype Elemental
Team Affiliation Solo
Base Of Operations Chicago, IL, USA
Range Of Operations National


Age 52 Nationality American
Height 201 cm (6' 7") Hair Grey
Weight 218 kg (480 lbs) Eyes Grey
Gender Cis Male Sexuality Heterosexual

The only part of Vulcan's body not covered by his armor his is head. He is gaunt, with a square jaw, broad forehead, and close-cropped hair. His skin, eyes, and hair are normally all grey and rough, with an appearance not unlike granite, but the lasers in his suit's collar bathe his head in intense heat, making it glow like molten magma, and making the air around his head shimmer. His armor is rigid and bulky, having the appearance of a space suit or diving suit, with smooth areas around his limbs and torso, and pleated sections at the elbows, hips, and knees. Most of the armor is a deep red, almost black.


Agility 3
Brawn 4
Endurance 6
Presence 3
Reason 5
Power Level 7
  • Normal Lift: 260 kg (large brown bear)
  • Max Lift: 550 kg (polar bear)
  • Throws (25 kg): 11 m
  • Max Range: 1 km
  • Max Area: 100 m radius


  • Computing
  • Engineering
  • Hand-to-hand Combat
  • Investigation
  • Medicine
  • Ranged Combat
  • Science


  • Hard Target
  • Master Plan
  • Minions


Alteration Resistance
Constant, Self-only
Standard action, Ranged, Normal
Heat ray gauntlet blasters
Constant, Self-only
Damage Resistance
Constant, Self-only
Damaging Aura
Free action, Hand-to-hand, Normal
Too hot to touch
Standard action, Ranged, Alteration
Heat ray gauntlet blasters
Lava Wall
Standard action, Ranged, Area, Environmental
Heat ray: melted metal, stone, and concrete
Environmental Immunity
Constant, Self-only
Constant, Self-only
Standard action, Hand-to-hand, Normal


Base Move Double Move All-out Move
Run 7 m 14 m 42 m (25 km/h)
Swim 3 m 6 m 18 m (11 km/h)
Jump 5 m


Vulcan believes that he has lost everything that he loved and that once made him human. He no longer values, or believes that he feels, such human emotions as pity, or regret, or compassion. In fact, he feels all of these things, but he suppresses these feelings as part of his mechanism for coping with the pain at the loss of his daughter. He will make a point of being merciless and ruthlessly logical as part of his emotional defenses against his pain.

Vulcan plans obsessively, analyzing each possible obstacle and formulating a counter to it. When faced with what he expected, he is efficient and precise in his response. When faced with the unexpected, he reacts by using the most direct means at his disposal: typically, his heat blasts. He does not respond gracefully to the unexpected.


The character will allow no personal feelings or squeamishness to cloud their judgment.
The character seeks revenge for some past wrong done to them or their loved ones.


Vulcan is incapable of passing for a normal person.
At room temperature, without his armor, Vulcan loses one point of Agility per minute.


Bernard Vulcan was a biomedical engineer at Panco Medical Technologies, where his primary field of expertise was lasers. He was successful and reasonably happy with his daughter Elizabeth, whom he raised by himself after his wife died from complications during Elizabeth's birth. When Elizabeth was 14, she was diagnosed with an inoperable cancer of the brain stem. After consulting with every expert money could buy, Bernard was told that the available technology made surgery impossible, and Elizabeth's recovery unlikely. She would be dead within months. After that, Bernard focused every hour on research, trying to invent a new type of surgical tool which would enable doctors to operate on Elizabeth and save her life.

He created a laser so precise that it could vaporize individual cells, and a process which would crystallize human tissue so that the cells would be safely immobilized during the surgery. Unfortunately, while testing the crystallization process, he was interrupted by William Dees, CEO of Panco, who had terminated Vulcan’s research funding weeks weeks before. A struggle ensued, and Dees shoved Vulcan backward into a rack of equipment and volatile chemicals. The research facility was destroyed, and Vulcan's flesh was turned to stone. Later, he created an armored suit which bathed his stony flesh with enough heat to grant him near-normal mobility. Thus enabled, he began plotting his revenge.

Powers and Abilities

Vulcan’s crystallized body is immune to virtually all environmental hazards, and he may in fact be immortal. In addition to heating up his tissues enough to be flexible, Vulcan’s suit provides him with nearly impenetrable armor. He has heat ray blasters built into his gauntlets, which are capable of melting through metal and stone as if they were butter.

Vulcan is fluent in American English and Latin and speaks conversational level German.


Character Points Spent: 60
Unspent Experience: 0
Attributes 39 + Skills 7 + Gifts 3 + Powers 10 + Modifiers 1 = 60 / 60