Karen X

One little war machine determined to survive

Karen X
Quotation   "I will not be replaced by an inferior unit."
First Appearance   Legacies #6, 2011
Real Name   Karen X
Identity   Public ID
Player   NPC
Team Affiliation   Solo
Base Of Operations   United States
Range Of Operations   Global
Origin   Artificial
Archetype   Cannon


Age   16 Nationality   American
Height   5' 1” Hair   Blonde
Weight   375 lbs. Eyes   Red
Gender   Inorganic Sexuality   Asexual

Karen X appears to be a female human of approximately 16, but she is actually a sentient machine.


Brawn 8
Agility 8
Reason 7
Perception 4
Willpower 4
Prowess 5
Accuracy 7

Endurance: 12
Plot Points: 1

Character Points Spent: 96
Unspent Experience: 0


  • Linguist
  • Mental Calculator
  • Perfect Recall


  • Athletics
  • Combat
  • Computing
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Survival


Communication 2
(Computers, Radio)
Flight 3
Jet Pack
Immunity 8
(Asphyxia, Exposure (Cold), Exposure (Heat), Pathogens, Poisons, Pressure, Radiation, Vacuum)
Invulnerability 6
Super Senses 4
(Hyperacuity, Infrared Vision, Night Vision, Ultraviolet Vision)
Weapon Systems [Ultra-power] 8

Weapon Systems

Blast 8
Particle Beam
Blast (Explosive) 7
High Explosive Missiles
Blast (Seeking) 7
Seeking Missiles
Blindness (Explosive) 7
Ultraviolet Ray Burst
Hold 8
Neural Paralyzer Eye Beams
Power Suppression (vs. Electronics) 8
Ion Blaster


  Base Move     Double Move     All-out Move  
Run   80 feet 160 feet 480 feet (55 mph)
Swim   16 feet 32 feet 96 feet (11 mph)
Jump   24 feet 24 feet 24 feet
Fly   400 feet 800 feet 2,400 feet (300 mph)


Karen X lacks the skills to handle everyday emotions. When faced with a complex emotional issue, she seems cold and uncaring to those around her. Most people can pick up on this easily.


  • Anger: The character is driven to overcome challenges and exceed their limits.
  • Insecurity: The character feels as though they don't measure up to their peers.


  • Enemy: Karen X is the avowed enemy of Karen 7, the unit which was to have replaced her.
  • Vulnerability: The Karen X unit is considerably heavier than most people and has to be constantly aware of this.


Karen X was the sixth Karen android created by Doctor Herbert West, a brilliant if somewhat unbalanced inventor and engineer, who was well known as a weapon designer for both the government and a number of posthumans during the 1960s through the 1990s. The Karen units were based on a military prototype West had been developing in the mid-1990s. The unfortunate death of West's daughter in 1996 in an automobile accident marked the end of West's professional career. He withdrew from the world and devoted the remainder of his life to the Karen Project: an attempt to create a perfect, immortal receptacle for Karen West's stored memories and personality.

While Karen 6 was more lifelike than her five predecessors, Dr. West was disturbed by Karen 6's lack of empathy. He was working on Karen 7 when a misaligned induction array exploded, killing Dr. West and destroying his laboratory. As Karen 6 watched the laboratory burn, she chose a new name for herself: Karen X. Since then, Karen X has roamed the world learning, improving herself, and destroying anyone who stood in her way.

Powers and Abilities

Like her predecessors, Karen X was created using an experimental skeletal combat chassis, composed primarily of Grade 5 and Grade 38 titanium alloys with some carbon fiber structural members. The combat chassis has increased lifting capabilities, reinforced sub-dermal body armor, and a highly responsive fiber-optic control system: combined, these systems give Karen X strength and speed well beyond anything attainable by human beings. Karen X was originally equipped with a number of weapon systems, and she has continued to refine and enhance her offensive capabilities. In addition, she possesses an array of enhanced senses, enabling her to perceive wavelengths of light above and below those visible to humans.

As a synthetic being, Karen X is immune to most environmental hazards which would endanger a human being. She is unaffected by heat, cold, poisons, pathogens, radiation, and vacuum.


Attributes 43 + Skills 0 + Advantages 3 + Powers 50 = 96 / 96